Catalyst Fund

Gold Designee

The Village at Market Creek was given Gold status because it demonstrates what can happen when residents own the vision and are involved in the decision making process from the beginning. The California Department of Housing believes that The Village at Market Creek is a model for other communities to learn from. Read More

The Village at Market Creek is about building a strong platform for civic involvement, developing housing and commerce, forming solid networks that support families and promote youth leaders, creating community-controlled assets, and reinvigorating a set of urban neighborhoods through teamwork, risk-taking, and learning.
— Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation

Built on the Strength of Citizen Action

The Diamond Neighborhoods of southeastern San Diego are among the most culturally-diverse communities in the nation. Located just minutes from San Diego's thriving downtown area, these neighborhoods have endured decades of disinvestment. Once defined by widespread blight, this community is undergoing a resident-led renaissance.

As the result of a unique partnership between neighborhood residents, the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation (JCNI), and a large network of local and national investors, these abandoned sites are being transformed into a thriving commercial, residential, and cultural center known as The Village at Market Creek.